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Meet us!

Hello My dear friends!

I am so excited to start blogging about my journey as photographer here in South Florida.

It has been challenging but yet, very fun and exciting, being able to pursue my career as a photographer while being a wife and a mom, and I am loving every step of the way :)

Well, my love for photography actually only flourished because of my love for my family.

As many other moms that became photographers out there, my passion really began when I had my first daughter Beatriz about 8 years ago. I could not resist but take pictures of her all the time . I just wanted to freeze time and capture every smile, every moment with her for ever, and photographing her allowed me to do that in a way. Today I can come back to those images and end enjoy the memories that were saved with each shot.

Seeing that I was enjoying that so much, my husband gave me my first DSLR camera as a gift, and I just absolutely loved it! I started to study photography, learning different technics, reading and researching lot about it, attending some webinars and so on. But it was only after my second daughter (Melissa, 5 years old) was born when I decided to make this my carrier.

I absolutely love photographing families and children as for me, they represent God's project. I believe that every family has a special purpose and calling from God, to impact our generation. I am so blessed to have an amazing family, an awesome husband and children that are truly His gift for us!

And I think it is very important to capture every special moment we have with them, specially our kids, as time goes by so fast, and soon they will grow to have their own family, starting they own journey.

I love it when Beatriz tells me that she is my assistant! She loves to help me prepare for the sessions, creating and choosing the props and I got tell you, she has talent!

So here we go into this amazing journey! A special "Thank you" to all friends, family and dear photographer friends that have supported and encouraged me to go further. I love you all!

Meet us: Moises (my love), Juliana (Me) , Beatriz & Melissa (our princesses)

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